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Re: GZG-ECC III: The Quote Board

From: Aaron Teske <ateske@H...>
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 18:29:10 -0500
Subject: Re: GZG-ECC III: The Quote Board

At 02:33 PM 3/1/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Okay, the quote board has been transcribed. In some instances I was
>able to attribute the game/scenario to the quote. Others were already
>attributed. :)  

And, as always, a few fixes/comments. ^_^

>		    The GZG-ECC III Quote Board 2000 
>"She's parrying me with her nipples" - D Raynes, FMA 'Dark Agendas'

In reference to an Alien vs. Lara Croft; the combat went on for... IIRC,
seven turns before she finally died.  (Nearly the entire game.	And I
so hoping to be able to probe her... had to settle for two of the GC
instead.  See the extra probe quote, below.... ^_- )

>"Oh, she's worth an extra probe." - David Raynes, FMA 'Dark Agendas'

When one of my Grays had nothing better to do....

>"It's just a flick!"
>"That was not a flick!"

Is the second a reply to the first?

>"It looks like he's launching his load."

Unless this was also said sometime Friday night, this should be on the
Saturday list... which it is.

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>"It looks like he's dumping his load" - Keith Watt

Said when the Mercurian player dropped about 10 salvo missile shots onto
the starbase... he ended up with nearly 150 points of damage.  The
had, I think, 50 damage points....

>Not sure what game this was from, or who said what:
>"Do I have a nearest base?"
>"Not anymore!"

The Venutian player, after the aforementioned salvo (well, detonation
laser) attack.

>"We may have to sacrifice him later. It's no good if he dies needlessly
>now." - Tom McCarthy

He died needlessly a short time later. ^_^  (From the Terror Mission

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>"No no, they're very distinctive. [The models] look exactly the same,
>except one is 4mm longer." - Indy explaining the difference between NSL
>frigates and destroyers, Mission of Merci
>"Smart ass" - Nick C, in response to above
>"I feel like I'm checking the sex of a cat" - A.T.

When I was checking under the tails of the DDs, to see if there was a
for the "fin" that is pictured in the fleet book (but that Indy did
install on his ships!).

>Aaron Teske to teammate Nick C: "You're getting a 'Tuffley' up your
>butt again!" (Mission of Merci)

Heh. ^_^;  I hate that class of ship anyway... at least when I'm against

My own AAR may... or may not... be coming soon....


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