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Re: GMS at Infantry

From: Henrix <henrix@p...>
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 17:49:23 +0100
Subject: Re: GMS at Infantry

"Tom.McCarthy" wrote:

> I can't fault Thomas's interpretation of the rules, but I must say
that when
> GMS fires at infantry (particularly those with low to medium armour)
> casualties rack up.
> For example, if you need to move across an open field in SG2, you're
> safe if you are outside 50 inches.  Only elites can target you, and
you get
> a good defensive die.  But if a regular with a GMS fires at you, it's
> unusual for him to roll 8, 9, 10, or even 11 for his attack dice and
you to
> roll D6 in defence (generously provided by Thomas), and so take 1 or 2
> impacts (D8 vs D6, perhaps) and suppression.

Point taken. I had only thought of using GMS in desperate circumstances,
you really have to use everything you've got, but their unlitmited (in
SGII use)
range gives them potential other uses. Still I want to at least be able
to use
GMS against infanry.
Trying to think while writing:
Perhaps one could use Barclay's suggestion, but, when calculating
only count the quality die divided by the "ECM die". It would still give
suppression, but fewer hits....a rather wasteful use of a GMS missile.
(An odd
game mechanic though, which always makes me uncomfartable.)
Or perhaps one could argue that human targets are small and that the GMS
has to
fire on some sort of manual override (reverting to camera-and-joystick
video games, anyone :-) giving it an effective range band of 12". But,
no, that
would make it far to deadly in the short to middle ranges, forget it...

As I said before we have discussed this here in Gothenburg, Sweden,
reaching any conclusion. So far the situation hasn't cropped up during a
and possibly it will not ever do so. Which means that for practical
purposes I
consider that GMS cannot be used against infantry.


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