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Allan Goodall's House Rules

From: Mike.Elliott@b...
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 15:12:57 +0000
Subject: Allan Goodall's House Rules

Took a peek at Allan's web site ( and
his house rules for Morale.

Its a neat rule change, Allan, but I felt I should point out one
clarification. You refer to Reaction Tests. You are in fact talking
Confidence Tests, not Reaction Tests. There are only 4 occasions when a
squad needs to test reaction:
- Going into position in open
- Going into position in cover
-Moving without removing IP marker
- Shaken unit attempting to leave cover

I suggest you change all references to "Reaction" to "Confidence" - then
makes sense.

Incidentally, you have made the same mistake in the Overwatch rule,
you refer to the "abandoned casualty" modifier. Its a Confidence Test

OTOH, you suggest using a Reaction Test in the Ambush rules to see if
ambush is launched prematurely - quite right, that should be a Reaction

Maybe it would have been clearer if Jon had called it a Morale Test,
than a Confidence Test. Oh well...

This may seem a bit picky, but may avoid confusion when others refer to
your house rules.

Hope that helps

Mike Elliott

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