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RE: Stargrunt II FAQ

From: "Glover, Owen" <oglover@m...>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 19:28:25 +1000
Subject: RE: Stargrunt II FAQ

Yeah, this is one of those ones we've chewed around. As with all our
worrisome ones we finally put it to rest with rationlisation :-)

The GMS is, of course, primarily an Anti Vehicle weapon. Hence it would
normally be employed against Vehicles! But as with any weapon it CAN be
employed in any way the imaginative human operator can come up with! A
CAN be fired at a squad of infantry but surely you wouldn't waste one of
your three shots if there are enemy vehicles around which best deserve
missile? Or consider a target that is patently outside your small arms
but you really need to hit NOW! Maybe to slow them down for another
squad to
pull clear? Or maybe the enemy infantry are in a building/hardened

In some cases it is REASONABLE to fire teh GMS this we do?
that, stop and ask yourself the simple question "Why would I do this?"
you can honestly say that if you were 25mm tall and on the table there
you would, then fine!

My apologies if this sort of encourages teh GMS discussion



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Allan Goodall []
> Subject: Re: Stargrunt II FAQ
> On Tue, 29 Feb 2000 22:37:43 +0100, Henrix <> wrote:
> >The question about whether GMS can fire at infantry, though, 
> does not make
> >things any clearer for poor, stupid, me. I have read and 
> reread p.40 without
> >really getting anywhere! (Sorry if I cover old ground for 
> the list, but...)
> >Am I to suppose that means that a GMS firing should roll 
> Quality die and
> >Guidance die against Range? What Range die? 
> GMS is anti-vehicle. You roll Quality die and Sensor die for 
> the attacker
> versus the ECM die of the defending vehicle.

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