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GZG ECC III Aftermath

From: "Bren Mayhugh" <jygro@h...>
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 01:31:30 EST
Subject: GZG ECC III Aftermath

The hardest part was remembering that I had a 11 hour drive back home
it was finished.  It's too bad that I had a ton of fun, now I have to
part every year (and buy a TON of miniatures).

Bren's After Convention report:

Friday: Moonbase XI

Except for the fact that Mr. Bell destroyed 3 of the 4 heavy tanks I was

playing with some awesome rolls, it was a great game.  It's too bad that
lost all of my tanks early.  It was the first time I played DS II

The Pog Racing was fun even if I completely had NO skill at the game.

Saturday Morning: The Umpire Strikes Back

Really fun.  The terrain was great, the minis cool and the idea was
I played the Xenos (the Aliens) and had a ton of fun escaping with the
intact (after she took a plasma bolt to the back of the head - and 

Saturday Afternoon: Legacies of War

My first EFSB game.  Having only played FT/FB and not ever seeing the
it was a fun and interesting change.  My only problem was the amount of 
firepower directed towards my capital ships - Hyperions,(which of course

blew them right out of the sky).  It was a great learning experience and
is too bad that I can't get the book somehow to read it.

Saturday Evening: Beer Game

My first 'actual' SG II game and I really love the rules.  It's too bad
I lost and was forced to buy the beer for the other team!

Sunday Morning: (Watched) The Third Party Candidate

Talk about a close game.  It was fun just to watch.  The scenario was
so it was real close til the end.

I walked around to all the games and I liked learning about all of them.
The ones that I wanted to get into (but didn't) was the Grey Day to Die
what an awesome set up. Pod racing - next year. (I have a few ideas on
you were talking about Mike - 11 hours gives you a bunch of time to
about stuff). Solar Thrust - after looking at the web page on it, I
have loved to play in it.

That's it.  I'll write more when I think about it.

(GZG-ECC "Rookie of the Year")

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