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A minor power for FT

From: "Michael O'Shea" <moshea@t...>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 21:48:46 +1000
Subject: A minor power for FT

Hi, I've been lurking ever since I subscribed to the list but I thought
finally rear my head and post this background for my 'side' in the GZG
universe. For the record I regularly play Beth and the NARC guy. I don't
have any old digests recorded but I think one of you was trying to
this sort of thing along with scenarios, etc. I don't have a scenario,
I do have this:

CIS:	Corporate Intersystem Securities
	A megacorporation in the GZG universe.

CIS is the legacy of the old mega-corporations that were spawned during
21st century of Earth. The many and varied conflicts that arose allowed
enterprising arms manufacturers and military contractors to gain favors,
autonomy and develop their own power bases. After several incidents
as the route of the LLAR from Earth) several major arms companies banded
together and created their own security force that would defend them and
their assets from hostile powers, regardless of the political climate.
the rapid devlopment of FTL travel and the increasing number of
nations spreading across the galaxy the CIS developed their own space
to defend stellar assets, protect convoys from pirates and take certain
actions against competitors when no-one was looking.
	Eventually the CIS became a small power unto itself and the
fleet expanded
to become capable of engaging minor nations. Over time the CIS and the
companies that spawned it have largely become one and the same. This
newfound power led to several corporate-dominated worlds to declare
independance, their citizens (supposedly) happy under their benevolent
rule. The reality is much different - society and freedoms are more
comparable to the ESU but with a heavy capitalist bent. The fleet is
used for taking non UN-sanctioned action against rivals and there are
rumors the CIS has links with several pirate clans, all of which prey on
competitors. Occasionally the CIS fleet has been used to break blockades
order to let merchant vessels through, claiming they were protecting the
livelihoods of the everyday citizens. CIS has effectively become a minor
stellar nation with planetary assets and a fleet to match, although it
still currently masquerades as a corporation.
	The corporate regime still has many links with other powers,
whoever can afford their armaments and vehicles to anybody with the
The CIS fleet consists partially of refitted vessels purchased from
existing stellar nations wth the rest being entirely new designs. There
a heavy emphasis of carrier-based operations with masses of fighters
showing up to any engagements - it was determined that losing fighters
combat was more cost effective than risking valuable capital ships. As
pratically all cruiser-class ships and up are heavily armored and
armed nearly universally with class-2 beam batteries and pulse
Ground forces are heavily mechanized with a bent towards walkers and
energy-based weapons, the logic being that if someone wrongs the company
then any and all force will be used to extract payment if the courts
not see things the company way. Nobody defaults on payments and gets
with it!

Any feeback/comments are more than welcome. 

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