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FMA Skills

From: "Phillip Pournelle" <emisle@e...>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 14:26:17 -0400
Subject: FMA Skills

    There has been a lost of talk regarding how to incorporate skills
into the figures on an FMA table.  While working on an FMA system for a
Role Playing Game, here are some thoughts on the basic generic figures.

    Primary Skills:  These are the primary skills used by the soldier
daily and have a skill level equal to the figures' quality level.

    Secondary Skills:  These are Skills that are not used as much but
are part of the figures normal military training.  These can include
cross training of the military member.	The figure has a skill level in
this are equal to one die down from the quality level.

    Tertiary Skills:  These are Skills that are just generally familiar
to the soldier and may have been covered in Basic Training but are not
reinforced regularly by the training received.

    Primary Skills:  Rifle if rifle man, SAW if team gunner, Combat
Movement, Grenade, HTH combat.
  Secondary Skills: Saw if Rifle man, Rifle if team gunner,
Communications, Leadership, Explosives, First Aid, Recon.
  Tertiary Skills:  Vehicle Driving, Combat Engineering, Forward

Combat Engineer:
  Primary Skills: Combat Movement, Explosives, Explosives Removal, Trap
building and removal, Recon
  Secondary Skills: Rifle, Grenade, HTH combat, First Aid. Heavy Weapon
if gunner. Leadership.
    Tertiary Skills:   Vehicle Driving, Forward Observer

    Primary Skills:  Medic, Combat Movement
    Secondary Skills: Rifle/pistol, HTH combat
  Tertiary Skills:  Vehicle Driving, Forward Observer, communications,

Platoon Leader:
    Primary Skills: Combat Movement, Communications, Forward Observer,
  Secondary:  Rifle, Grenade, HTH combat, first Aid.
    Tertiary Skills:  Vehicle Driving,

    You may not agree with my associations of skills, but you probably
agree that some skills are used more than other by particular troops.  I
think that a system like this would enable players to quickly determine
the skill level of the particular figure in play and determine what die
to use quickly based on the skill and the type of squad purchased at the
beginning of the game.

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