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FT: plasma torpedo

From: GBailey@a...
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 00:24:53 EDT
Subject: FT: plasma torpedo

I like it.  Did you use the Wave Gun's mass and points?  Although that
isn't fair since it does less dice and only to one target.
I painted some various sized styrofoam balls an orange-red color to 
use as plasma torpedoes for SFB a long time ago.  I still have them,
along with the gold stringed tinsel (xmas decoration) to use as Tholian
Never did try the Tholian web stuff, though.

Re: narrow salvo.  I was only going to use it on the p-torps
a large weapon.

Re: a fighter combat addition.	Oh, okay, as long as not to be used with
FT ship combat.

Plasma Torp: Use Wavegun rules to charge.  Use Missile rules to launch,
and hit.
    The 1st turn on the board Plasma Torp does 3d6 damage; 2d6 on the
second, 1d6 on the third
(and final) turn.  Does damage when target ship fires it's weapons (or
the end of the turn when
all firing has been completed).  Target may opt to fire some or all of
beam weapons at the Plasma
Torp as if it were another ship with 0 screens.  Any damage done to the
plasma is deducted from
the damage done to the target ship when the Plasma hits.

For example, target ship fires at Plasma doing 6 points damage.  Plasma
rolls 3d6 damage and
subtracts 6 from the roll.  Target's screens DO NOT protect vs. plasma.

I bought some FAT oblong beads from Walmart (on sale) and layered them
coats of paint.  First
white, then yellow, then part orange (letting the yellow streak through)
then red letting the yellow
and orange streak through.  Mounted them on small wood disks.  Looks
"stunning" on the board.

We've had very good games with these torps.


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