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FT: Nova Cannons and Wave Guns, as plasma torpedoes

From: GBailey@a...
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 20:16:42 EDT
Subject: FT: Nova Cannons and Wave Guns, as plasma torpedoes

I'm trying to convert SFB ships to FT (I have lots of minis) and the
torpedo firing races pose a problem.  They can fire the torps and other
weapons as well in the same turn in SFB.  
I do not like using missiles as plasma torpedoes as another tried in
post long ago.	Just doesn't have that feel, besides point defenses
not work against plasma torpedoes.

I can see the damage potential of the Nova Cannon and Wave Gun,
but I do not like the restrictions put on them.  Especially the "no
weapons can be fired" restriction.  This means, to me at least, that
the only ships that will carry them are small ships with the weapon
being the only weapon they have (small as in the smallest hull size
you can fit the weapon and other necessities such as FC and drives).

On second thought, for non-cloaking ships (cloaking and Wave Guns
seem to be a match),
I can see a larger ship with a spinal and all other weapons that fire
in any direction but forward (posess a dilemma to an enemy: do I attempt
to stay in his front arc away from his other weapons but risk being in
front of the big nasty?).

The shield restriction is also silly.  Just add lots of armor instead,
costs less.  But it doesn't fit the genre of Star Trek where everyone

The spinals requires all the power?  I'd build ships that have the 
necessary power.  FT is not an energy allocation game.

Any other thoughts?

On another note, I've written an Excel spreadsheet to design ships but
having trouble coming up with the formulas for determining the positions
of the damage control parties in the hull layout.  Anyone kind enough to
let me know those formulas?  Hmmm?  :)


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