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RE: [TER] Modge-Podge

From: "Tim Jones" <Tim.Jones@S...>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 18:31:26 +0100
Subject: RE: [TER] Modge-Podge

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>It is a liquid.  As far as I can tell it's a good quality white
>glue that has been thinned with water and is sold in bulk.  You
>could probably accomplish the same thing by cutting normal white
>glue about by adding about 1/3 water.	It probably wouldn't be
>as inexpensive though.

Thanks Roger - I found out that ~ 50/50 PVA/Water is equivalent to 
to Modge Podge and that its designed for Decoupage.

Modge Podge also needs sealing as it dries tacky.

I'm still convinced that using some fibre such as tissue as
a laminate would be a *lot* stronger than just the sealant if
its only thinned PVA. 

-= tim jones =- 

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