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Re: Lafayette Incident

From: Jon Davis <davis@a...>
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 00:20:55 -0400
Subject: Re: Lafayette Incident

Then will you run only one fleet action turn a week?  Even if you have 
engaged in multiple star systems?  It will take longer than a year to
your campaign.

What part of the universe do you live in?  Have you checked the two
locator pages?


Scott Case wrote:
> > > >In order for this campaign to work effectively, you need multiple
> >and
> > > >players.
> Mmmmmm... depends on how fast everyone wants to go. I was figuring
that a
> *pure* strategic turn should take only a week to do- with each turn in
> fleet actions also taking a week. I'm not in any rush, so putting a
> into this sounds pretty cool! Considering that I know no other Full
> players in my little speck of this rock... that sounds way better than
> nothing :)
> As for what system to use: I think the bare bones system in FT2 would
> just nicely. No need to get really fancy! The system is pretty sound
> looks rather fun (like the one for TSR's Knight Hawks)... Now that
would be
> a fun campaign! The Knight Hawks campaign using full thrust. Anyone
> conversions for the system into FT?
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