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Re: Tuffleyverse, U.N. Military Ops.

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Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 23:29:19 EDT
Subject: Re: Tuffleyverse, U.N. Military Ops.

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 Realworld, the UN generally seems to mean well, but can't get it
 some of the time - often due to nation-state interference, sometimes
 simply to the nature of the UN's organiztion and/or the nature of the
 problem... >>

Realworld problems (from what I've read and heard) are that some member 
states see "Peace-keeping" or "Peace-Making" oportunities to dump
malcontents or the oposite, an opportunity for savy individuals to make
a lot 
of hard currency.
Look at the arms smuggling and drug-running problems the Ukranians in
seemed to have been involved in. I think thay's a perfect example of
things go wrong with U.N. managed or mandated operations at this point
time. Who knows what things might be like in another 50-75 years if the
of law, somewhat similar concepts of morality, recognition of the high
of massive coruption are delt with globaly so that governments or
groupings of states, cooperatives, etc. see things from at level of at
common understanding if not complete agreement.

I thought a good example of what a future "Earth Forces" or "UN"
may look like was on an episode of the late, lamented "Space: Above and 
Beyond". If I remember the details right, a large Iwo Jima or Inchon
planetary landing/offensive was being planned from the Carrier Saratoga,

which was also the flag ship for the operation. Again, from what I
The joint command consisted of an American Admiral and Marine General, A

British Brigader, Chinese General and (again, if I remember correctly)
African (Nigerian?) female Aero-Space commander. They all seemed very 
professional and well trained.	It may take us another century or so on
own but I'll bet a global threat from races like the "Chigs" or the 
Earth-Mimbari war from B5 would bring everyone up to speed very quickly
how to run a joint "UN" style operation without most of the problems and

petty national politics we see at this point in history. BTW:
I'm not suggesting an allien invasion as means of implamenting Global


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