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Re: Vector Movement

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 14:36:30 -0700
Subject: Re: Vector Movement wrote:

> No, they do not. They use lager range finders giving them range within
> centimeters. Lager range finders are also man portable though bulky
and are
> used to call in accurate artillery fire and starlight devices give
> within a meter or two. If you've read "Rainbow Six" by Tom Clancy a
> device currently available can triangulate and locate on video display
> electromagnetic field generated by a human heart it does NOT read

That device is grossly overrated, having played with it myself. It's
range is
effectively a couple of meters and comes in handy in a building (given
construction constraints also). While there's no reason to assume it
won't get
better ver time there is also no reason to assume countermeasures won't
develped to return things to their equilibrium.(stealth suit)

> chimpanzees, monkeys or gorillas either just humans with computer
> utilizing IFF personnel devices geo postioning sattelites can pin
point and
> display all the friendlies in the area. Counter battery radars and
ladars can
> pinpoint artillery battery locations within milliseconds of the first
> revealing itself to the sensors. Not to allow range measurement in
> games borders on the silly.

This is all how it works on TV, and in Clancy's fantasy books, which I
too,  not in real life. It's all about hurrying things along and
capturing the
mental confusion.  I can see letting vehicles and certain qualities of
troops pre
measure but still there's plenty of uncertainty in hitting targtets and
what it's all about, uncertainty in the game. But here's a better idea.
You can
pre-measure whatever the hell you want but you have only one minute to
you squad action.  I don't wanna play with some idjit that's gonna spend
minutes on each move. (Unless it's my wife <grin>)

Anyway it's really what everyone agrees upon before hand.



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