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Stargrunt vehicles from the Toystore

From: "Thomas Barclay" <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 18:31:16 -0400
Subject: Stargrunt vehicles from the Toystore

In reply to my post, Paul wrote:

Subject: Re: Stargrunt Vehicles from the Toystores

Thomas Barclay wrote:
> Matchbox Mission Bravo stuff: Another Hummer (I think a truck
> with a missile launcher in the bed). Also an excellent little FAV
> a (sad looking but replaceable) SAW/MG/HMG and a good looking AGL.
> About $4-5 US.
> Thomas Barclay

I actually bought one of the Mission Bravo Jeeps. With about an hour's
work, I turned it into a realistic enough vehicle, with a metal deck
pintle mounted MG. Add a new paint job, and it looks surprisingly good
(realistic). It is, however, still butt ugly from a purely aesthetic
sense. Not all military vehicles have to be attractive. . .

** I found the weapon mount to be my stumbling block (and the size a
little small). What did you replace the weapon with?

The only problem I had is with the axles. Unless you glue the axle in
place (which I would have if my wife hadn't insisted that the stuff be
able to roll around), the paint comes off of its bright shiny chrome
surface. Only about a millimetre* shows, though, so it's not too bad.

** Same with the FAV.

** Got a digital pic or scan you could fwd? I'd be interested to see
your conversion (off list of course!).

The AGL turns into a nice artillery piece if you remove the missile
replace it with a piece of brass tubing, although the swing out
that come with the launcher are mounted in a totally illogical

** The AGL I was talking about for the FAV looks like a Mk19 and is an
actual mount on the FAV top bar. The Missile launcher you are talking
about could be a good artillery piece if you replaced the missile with
a barrell. Though my support mounts don't sit on the ground.... (the
wheels keep it elevated above the mounts, as it rests on the rear
tab). There is some sort of a spring in the suspension, and it looks
like maybe you are meant to do something with the suspension but I
can't figure out what.... (I may be wrong).

The figure that comes with it is surprisingly detailed, and benefits
greatly from a repainting. It's made of soft plastic, though, so any
bending takes the paint right off. Better to repaint the guy, stick
in the driver's seat and leave him there.

** I'm going to try getting either some of Jon's figs or some of the
Star Wars seated figs I have to fit.

I'm supposed to gain the use of a digital camera in early September,
when I do, I'll actually photograph all these things, and let you all
see them.

** Okay. Send me some pics.

** BTW, for your NSU, Phalon, and Wanker engine comments, the Narn Bat
Squad will be visiting you about.....NOW.... <whack, whack, smack,

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