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Re: FMA Skirmish guns and grenades

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 15:12:45 -0700
Subject: Re: FMA Skirmish guns and grenades

Thomas Barclay wrote:

> Maybe then just talk how many attacks you get per mag rather than how
> many
> rounds (I still think in 15 seconds given on aimed semi-auto fire at
> anything other than longer ranges you would be popping off several
> rounds
> per target.) But it's really slicing hairs.  BTW what's the ammo
> tracking
> mechanism? And is there then a   reload action?
> ** I wanted to do rounds. For me there is a reload action. Or
> alternately, a roll. I think it could be like CC. You could attempt a
> "rapid load", but if you blow the roll, it takes you an action.

Well that's a good idea but it still seems to me that it's less hassle
tracking (allowed attacks per mag instead of individual rounds. BTW the
amount of attacks per mag whether you track it that way OR by rounds
should also be variable depending upon quality of the soldier.

I.E.(justa  swag) Bursts for an AR: Inexperienced   2	Regular   6
Veteran 8  Elite 10 Again this is simply a part of your pre-game squad
roster computations.

> How would this come into effect, Range band shifts? (negated by aimed
> fire) Might be too harsh though...We could simplify it into up or down
> (same as in position) with one shift instead of three (Unless you get
> onto
> die roll modifiers which is what the system avoids) I'll have to
> playtest
> some options this weekend.
> ** I thought a RB shift was too much. My answer was:
> standing with rest or kneeling: add +1"/2"/4"/8"/16" to RB
> kneeling with rest or prone: add +2"/4"/8"/16"/32" to RB

This is for shooting. What about defense? Subtract?

> OK I understand he rolls his quality die, (Say a reg D8 beating a 2)
> now
> he's shouting to two guys within 3". Both are reg 3s. SO in both cases
> the
> command attempt has to beat a 3? Or are you saying that in both
> attempts
> he must roll higher than a 5? (3+2) (I like the latter)
> ** The latter, like a transfer action in SG2. Trying to preserve
> similar mechanics to make knowing one game like knowing the other. The
> shout is automatic at 3" for a regular. It's just the transfer he
> rolls for. Roll a d8 for him for each target, he has to beat (in your
> example) 5 on both rolls to get them moving (unmotivated slackers that
> they are!).

I like it.

> ** Note that in woods, a grenade's effect should be more pronounced I
> think (never thrown one in trees, but if it works like arty, the
> flying splinters will mess you up). Double the attack dice, but double
> the drop off (or just half the radius if you are lazy) in dense woods.

Now I wouldn't extrapolate. Arty and mortars bursting up above yes, bur
Grenades Just aren't that powerful to blow other stuff up. They blow
casings up and of course that does a lot of damage but the explosive
of the charge is wasted unlike a properly placed demo charge OR a more
powerful explosive charge like a, mortar,etc.

>  but in non PA or
> combat armor guys there's no recovery for one turn OR make suppression
> removal a task check +2 or 3 something high.
> ** That's why you get the extra suppression. Two suppressions will
> write you off for a turn.

Simpler that way.

> BTW I make a guy spend one action prepping the Grenade (auto success)
> He
> can then hold onto it for any length of time (within reason) but god
> forbid if he gets hit or (suppressed?),
> ** how about wounded, auto drop. Hit or suppressed, roll quality to
> beat 2 if suppressed, 4 if hit but not wounded.


>  then he drops it. Anyway, inside
> he has to make a successful task check to get it through the door or
> whatever small opening he's tossing it through unless he's right there
> and
> hooking/dropping it around a corner. Then we check for scatter. And
> then
> boom!
> ** Sounds right. I'm going to fight an outdoor skirmish with these and
> my long arm rules (modified by your suggestions) early next week.
> About a dozen OU and a sniper versus an ESU patrol of about 12-18.

I was gonna say I hope someone is capturing all this discussion for
posterity. Incan do it but it is difficult since I am working off two
different machines between day and night.  I too want to give this a go
this weekend. This is exciting stuff.

I hope we're not boring all the space ship types on the list...



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