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Re: [FT] PBeM Game - BYOF

From: Dominic Robertson <nightwinder@g...>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 22:14:37 +1000
Subject: Re: [FT] PBeM Game - BYOF

Brian Bell wrote:

> Greetings,
> I am looking for 4-10 people to play a Play By E-Mail (PBeM) game.
> Each player will need to design a fleet of ships using the Fleet Book
> design system.
> Specifics:
> Total Fleet Points: 2500.
> Technology: Human Only. Open Genre (all human systems except AA Beam
>   ADAF may be used). Fleet Book design rules.
> FTL: All ships must be FTL or be brought by an FTL ship in the 1st
>   If a tug/tender is used, the tug/tender counts toward the total
> cost.
>   All ships will arrive in the play area using FTL entrance rules
>   on page 24 of FT including potential damage from proximity.
> Fleet Distribution: In order to make this a fleet oriented game,
>   must distribute the mass of the fleet using the following
>   For each ship of mass:	  2 ships must be encluded of mass:
>	  300+			      200 - 299
>	  200+			      100 - 199
>	  100+				3 -  99
>   Thus, if a player has a mass 300 ship, he/she must have 2 ships of
>   mass 200-299, 4 ships of 100-199, and 8 ships of 3-99, for a total
>   15 ships. This should limit both the Uber dreadnought fleet and the
>   gnat fleets. (Also see Flags)
> Fighters: Fighters must be brought onboard ships (not launched).
> Restock/Repair: Expendables will not be resupplied. Structual damage
>   will not be repaired.
> Leaving the play area counts as a loss of ship.
> Turn Sequence: A modified turn sequence will be used. I expect to run
>   turn per week.
> Flags: A flag is gained when your target fleet is reduced by 3/4 (by
>   count, points or mass) of the target fleet's ships. 1/2 flag is lost
>   for each ship that exits the game area. 1/2 flag is lost for
>   damage against a ship NOT in the target fleet (or fleet
>   that has targeted you). When a fleet looses it's flag, it is out of
>   the game.
> Target Fleet: Each player will be give a Target Fleet to destroy. When
>   you gain a flag for that fleet, a new Target Fleet wil be assigned
>   (usually the one of the fleet that lost its flag).
> Victory: The person who collects the most flags wins.
> For those who were at GZG-ECC, this will be based on the BYOF game
that I
> ran there.
> Those who are running IE or NeoPlanet can find a ship generation
program at:
> ---
> Brian Bell
> ---

Sign me up.

Dominic "Who cares if firecontrol's down, ram them!" Robertson

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