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[FT] PBeM Game - BYOF

From: "Brian Bell" <bkb@b...>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 23:16:40 -0400
Subject: [FT] PBeM Game - BYOF

I am looking for 4-10 people to play a Play By E-Mail (PBeM) game.
Each player will need to design a fleet of ships using the Fleet Book 1
design system.

Total Fleet Points: 2500.
Technology: Human Only. Open Genre (all human systems except AA Beam and
  ADAF may be used). Fleet Book design rules.
FTL: All ships must be FTL or be brought by an FTL ship in the 1st
  If a tug/tender is used, the tug/tender counts toward the total point
  All ships will arrive in the play area using FTL entrance rules listed
  on page 24 of FT including potential damage from proximity.
Fleet Distribution: In order to make this a fleet oriented game, players
  must distribute the mass of the fleet using the following guidelines:
  For each ship of mass:	2 ships must be encluded of mass:
	300+			    200 - 299
	200+			    100 - 199
	100+			      3 -  99
  Thus, if a player has a mass 300 ship, he/she must have 2 ships of
  mass 200-299, 4 ships of 100-199, and 8 ships of 3-99, for a total of
  15 ships. This should limit both the Uber dreadnought fleet and the
  gnat fleets. (Also see Flags)
Fighters: Fighters must be brought onboard ships (not launched).
Restock/Repair: Expendables will not be resupplied. Structual damage
  will not be repaired.
Leaving the play area counts as a loss of ship.
Turn Sequence: A modified turn sequence will be used. I expect to run 1
  turn per week.
Flags: A flag is gained when your target fleet is reduced by 3/4 (by
  count, points or mass) of the target fleet's ships. 1/2 flag is lost
  for each ship that exits the game area. 1/2 flag is lost for
  damage against a ship NOT in the target fleet (or fleet
  that has targeted you). When a fleet looses it's flag, it is out of
  the game.
Target Fleet: Each player will be give a Target Fleet to destroy. When
  you gain a flag for that fleet, a new Target Fleet wil be assigned
  (usually the one of the fleet that lost its flag).
Victory: The person who collects the most flags wins.

For those who were at GZG-ECC, this will be based on the BYOF game that
ran there.

Those who are running IE or NeoPlanet can find a ship generation program
Brian Bell

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