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Re: Kudos!

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 14:41:38 +0100
Subject: Re: Kudos!

>Kudos (and Kopins, if I had any to spare!) to Ndege for the excellent
>renderings! Those were pretty darn spiffy. If you aren't a
>professional artist, you sure ain't bad for a hack! ;)
>And Kudos to Beth for a rousing rendition of an obviously interesting
>battle! I'm continuously surprised by the calibre of the AARs
>generated on this list. Some good writers out there. I guess it's all
>our many years of combined education and RL training at the school of
>hard knocks!
>For some reason, I'm tempted to initiate a project to ransack the list
>archives for AARs, and with appropriate permissions, cut a CD
>somewhere down the line - even better would be the AARs and the
>scenarios to go with them. That would be a pretty neat thing.... to be
>able to distribute a CD full of scenarios and AARs.... (I assume no
>one would complain as long as due mention of Jon's copyrights etc. was
>included, the authors granted permission, and the only charges
>attached were replication/shipping (it was non-profit)). Hmmmm.....
><filed on the stack of good ideas to be acted upon when time permits>.

Well, not wanting to step on your toes, Tom, but just to add to the pile
ideas, how would the various contributors involved feel if we (GZG)
to collect some of the AARs and scenarios for a hardcopy paper product
some point?

Jon (GZG)
>Thomas Barclay
>Software UberMensch
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