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From: Michael Llaneza <maserati@f...>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 18:07:58 -0700
Subject: Re:Kudos!

I'll echo the compliments, that's a very nice story.

Beth, can I put that up on ImpDisp ? Full credit of course.

At 8:51 PM -0400 8/15/99, Thomas Barclay wrote:
>Kudos (and Kopins, if I had any to spare!) to Ndege for the excellent
>renderings! Those were pretty darn spiffy. If you aren't a
>professional artist, you sure ain't bad for a hack! ;)
>And Kudos to Beth for a rousing rendition of an obviously interesting
>battle! I'm continuously surprised by the calibre of the AARs
>generated on this list. Some good writers out there. I guess it's all
>our many years of combined education and RL training at the school of
>hard knocks!
>For some reason, I'm tempted to initiate a project to ransack the list
>archives for AARs, and with appropriate permissions, cut a CD
>somewhere down the line - even better would be the AARs and the
>scenarios to go with them. That would be a pretty neat thing.... to be
>able to distribute a CD full of scenarios and AARs.... (I assume no
>one would complain as long as due mention of Jon's copyrights etc. was
>included, the authors granted permission, and the only charges
>attached were replication/shipping (it was non-profit)). Hmmmm.....
><filed on the stack of good ideas to be acted upon when time permits>.
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