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RE: [FT] Eldar minis

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 09:51:32 +1000
Subject: RE: [FT] Eldar minis

G'day Tim,

>>"Do you want to be a BullFrog?" or "Would you like to be a Bullfrog"
>>something like that 
>according to amazon no such title attributed to the good doctor
>maybe its in an anthology.

Actually it turned out to be "Would you rather be a bullfrog?" and its
strictly by Seuss as it turns out, but another one of the authors that
write for that series of books (showing my complete literary ignorance
wasn't I?)

>BFG miniatures the eldar ships do look very nice and are pricey
>but different (5 pounds for a single ship) 

They didn't seem too bad to me - MUCH cheaper than what I'd expected
almost like GW is trying to sucker you in with the little guys before
nailing you with the big ships) - especially since GW had mislabeled and
priced the Shadow which they labeled as an Eclipse and priced at $14.95
bit of a shock to the shop owner who was paying $18.95 for them).



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