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Re: painting help needed

From: Channing Faunce <channing@g...>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 16:37:39 -0400
Subject: Re: painting help needed

If these are *metal* - use nail polish remover. Soak for 15 minutes and
scrub with an old toothbrush.

If these are plastic - I have no idea.

Chris Pratt wrote:

> Ok...I really screwed up last night,
> In a caffine iduced haze at about 3am last
> night I was attempting to apply a coat of
> matt finish to a few of my finaly completed
> mini's (i left them to dry during our game
> time and went to finish them after a rousing
> game of shadowrun) and in the dark I accedently
> grabed a can of gray primer...
> So does anybody know how to remove the spray
> primer (its acryllic i think) from the mini's
> with out damaging them so they can be re-painted
> later
> Chris "mental note: sleep first, paint later" Pratt

Channing C. Faunce

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