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Re: A small request.... :-)

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 20:24:54 +0100
Subject: Re: A small request.... :-)

>>At 11:46 PM 8/12/99 +0100, you wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>Has anyone maybe already modelled any of the ships in 3D on their
>>>or done anything for their own amusement that would be good enough to
>>I don't know about good enough to publish but I threw together a model
of a
>>NAC Arapaho Class Corvette yesterday and did some renders.  It's very
>>basic; no insignia or fancy F/X.
>>The results can be seen at:
>>Any model accuracy problems are due to the fact that I was working
from the
>>line drawing in the Fleet Book (I will accept donations of actual
minis to
>>work from) and I am in no way a professional artist.
>>Ndege "Lurker" Diamond
>Had a quick look, and these are VERY good indeed........ can I get back
>you on them soon?
>Jon (GZG)

Sorry, Guys, this was supposed to go personal mail - my fault for not
noticing the original had been posted to the list rather than to me
personally, so of course I just hit "reply".......

BUT, while I'm on, many thanks to all of you who responded to the
request -
I'm going to try and get back to each of you individually in the next
days (hopefully when this damn 'flu clears up and I can think straight

Yours snifflingly,

Jon (GZG)

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