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From: Fabet@a...
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1999 18:14:47 EDT
Subject: RE: SFSFW- U.S.

Thanks to everone for their input to the SFSFW question.

First I want to emphasis to everyone that this is just an idea at the
and I have to iron out a lot of details.

If you haven't checked out the website yet, go to:
 <A HREF="">The Society of
Fantasy & 
Science Fiction Warg...</A>

My concept right now is I would buy memberships from the U.K. and
them here. Along with this membership should come at least the
to Ragnarok. If this is sent from England or copies reproduced here in
U.S. needs to be determined. Anyone who wishes to submit articles can
them to me and I'll get them to the U.K. or the can be sent direct. 
Eventually I'd like to see a U.S. edition, ideally including the U.K. 
articles. We should also have access to any models produced for the
Hopefully I'll be able to import these to my shop in Fairfax VA.
there will be no import or copyright issues involved.

I'd like to avoid the whole club officer thing if possible. The
and infighting I've seen in one particular U.S. national club leads me
believe there's really nothing to gain from it. 

As far as standards, there really doesn't seem to be any. The goal of
organization is to promote Fantasy and Sci-Fi, especially alternatives
not excluding Games Workshop). The efforts of man of the members on this
are actually some of the best standards and goals I can conceive of
Mark Kotche and the GZGCon). Prehaps the purpose of a U.S. chapter is
just to 
formalize the efforts and gain some benifits from it as do U.K. members.

Faron Betchley

Little Wars
11213'C' Lee Highway
Fairfax VA 22030
(703) 352-9222
(703) 352-9279<fax>

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