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Time Scales and Real-Time FT (was Re: [OT sorta} SFC?)

From: Jerry Han <jhan@c...>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 11:25:56 -0400
Subject: Time Scales and Real-Time FT (was Re: [OT sorta} SFC?)

Chris Lowrey wrote:
> One of the things I find most ridiculous is the idea that for
> control - for a wargame to be truly realistic - it must be a turned
> game so you can manage all the minutiae to the Nth degree (something
of an
> elitist wargamer attitude).  Real combat occurs in real time, with
> time-sensitive decisions affecting real lives. 

Agreed.  However, I prefer turn-based gaming, especially at the 
larger scales.

The problem is that for most wargame scales the general/commander at the
real battle had days, if not months, to analyze and make a decision.  
In real-time, I've got ten seconds to figure out if I want to move an
armoured division from point A to point B.  That isn't realistic.

For 'simulators' and lower scale games (e.g. close combat), real time
sense.	When you're pushing around panzer brigades and the like,
is much better.  

In any event, this is pretty moot; I've always assumed any FT port to
computer would be Turn Based, to take advantage of the mechanics already
in place.

(Actually, that would also be neat:  fight the FT universe at the
strategic level.  "The Stars Are Falling:  The Solar Wars: 2137-2176"
not a campaign style game, but moving around Task Forces and Brigades,
and doing the full economic thing.  Hmmm.)


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