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From: "Tim Jones" <Tim.Jones@S...>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 15:43:49 +0100
Subject: RE: SFSFW- U.S.

>Ok this spawns some more questions.
>1.  Assuming there is a US chapter of SFSFW, would they have 
>their own officers?

Probably, I'd ask Steve Blease. 

>2.  Are there local "groups" that work together for shows or 
>is it every man for

In the UK there are regional coordinators. Look at the
show web site to see how its organised. Basically if you
step up for it you can do it. People organise on an ad hoc
basis (who knows who).

>3.  Would the dues from the US chapter go to support the UK 
>show or would there
>be US show(s)? 

I would have thought a protion of subs would go towards 
a Bifrost-US, it unlikely anyone is going to travel
trans-continental to the UK Bifrost.

>exactly an easy thing to pull people from the hinterlands of 
>the US to one

yes this would be difficult as the west coast is about
the same order of distance as the UK to the east coast.

It would all depend on membership.

-= tim jones =- 

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