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From: bbrush@r...
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 09:28:55 -0500
Subject: RE: SFSFW- U.S.

Ok this spawns some more questions.

1.  Assuming there is a US chapter of SFSFW, would they have their own
2.  Are there local "groups" that work together for shows or is it every
man for
3.  Would the dues from the US chapter go to support the UK show or
would there
be US show(s)?	(JMO, but if there's going to be a US chapter, then
there should
almost certainly be at least one US show, preferably more seeing as how
it's not
exactly an easy thing to pull people from the hinterlands of the US to


"Tim Jones" <> on 08/13/99 09:18:10 AM

Please respond to gzg-l@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU
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Most of the answers are on the SFSFW web page

>1.  How is the society organized?

Pres, Sec, treasurer - the usual suspects

>2.  How does it accomplish it's goal of promoting wargaming?

web, soc. magazine, shows, articles

>3.  Are there dues, and if so what is done with them?

yes they finance the soc. magazine & annual show
(way cool logo) & soc. overheads and Steve's yacht in the Bahamas ;-).

>4.  Are there societal standards and guidelines?

not as such IIRC, there are submission guidlines for the rag, basically
no palgarising or copytheft.

-= tim jones =-

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