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From: "Rick Rutherford" <rick@e...>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 09:01:35 -0400
Subject: RE: FMA Skills [CLEAN STAMP]

On 8/12/99 6:05 PM, wrote:
> One of the most intresting aspects I found was that of character
> skills, which was only briefly touched on .  I really liked the idea
> characters specializing in certian areas which would allow them to
> complete their mission goals much more concisley, or with more flash
> and flair.

A skill system would move FMA closer to being a core system for a
role-playing game, which might not be a bad thing, overall.
Certainly nothing else has stepped up to take the place of Traveller.

In their new miniatures game (called "Vor"), FASA figured out how to do
something that no other game company has done yet: add a role-playing
system to the miniatures game, so that players can improve their units
between games, and keep track of their units from one battle to the
Even if there's nothing else to recommend the game, that will keep their
players coming back for more.

Rick Rutherford
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