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Re: [HH] PBeM - call for players

From: Channing Faunce <channing@g...>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 05:59:07 -0400
Subject: Re: [HH] PBeM - call for players

Sign me up for this one.


"Robertson, Brendan" wrote:

> I am after 2-4 players to refight the Battle of First Yeltsain.
> I will be using my modified rules, which can be found at:
> Weekly turns, using vector movement & vector moved missiles.
> I will also be attempting to supply a FTMAP.gif to players as we go.
> *****
> The battle of First Yeltsain was fought between the Royal Manticore
Navy &
> ships of the People's Republic of Haven, which had been 'sold' to the
> 'Faithful' - religious fanatics whose only goal is to subjegate those
> expelled them during the last civil war.
> Ships involved:
> HMS Fearless (CA) - Captain Honor Harrington
> HMS Troubador (DD)
> Thunder of God (BC)
> Principality (DD)
> *****
> Replies directly to me, thanks.
> Neath Southern Skies

Channing C. Faunce

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Silent Death ships for sale outright or to trade for Full Thrust ships.
See my
webpage for specifics.

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