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Re: Vector Movement and SML's

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 09:44:08 +1000
Subject: Re: Vector Movement and SML's

G'day Schoon, Thomas,

Saving on electrons again...

Schoon said:

>All this depends on your style of play. Beams are slow and steady, and
>are fast and risky.
>Both tactics have advantages and disadvantages. However, attempting to
>at SMLs through the eyes of a beam tactician, or vice versa, will
>unbalanced every time because it's a case of apples and oranges.
>The defences against either are very different, but they do exist.

I agree with all of this whole heartedly, I guess I'm just not as
(calm, rational...) as you ;)
I was just trying to say that in my opinion if you look at all the
that can be inflicted over the entire course of the game, 3" was too
to allow SMs to be as cost balanced as beams. Why the hell I didn't put
that succinctly in the first place I don't know ;) 

Thomas said:

>1. 3" is too small for vector. I didn't realize it was an optional 
>restriction. You hit a very low percentage versus thrust 4 ships, 
>almost never versus 6 given a manouvering opponent.
>2. 6" is too big - the opposite reason. You hit everything that isn't 
>thrust 8 or something ridiculous.
>3. You can evolve tactics that make the FSE work in vector to an 
>extent with a 3" burst radius, but only if they get to pick the type 
>of battle, and even then it is hit and miss.....
>The easiest way we've found to address the FSE defficiencies
>(the lower impact of high thrust in vector vis a vis cinematic) 
>is to punch up SMLs to 4". 

Actually I've been toying with this idea too. In a few games I've been
having with my son Lachy I'd split the difference and gone for 4.5" as
SM radius to see what effect that had and that seemed to work pretty
However the general reception I got from the adult gamers down here
use 3" or 6" 'cos they're in the book) put me off advancing the idea
here -
left that to braver people than I ;)



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