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RE: GenCon '99 (long) [CLEAN STAMP]

From: "Rick Rutherford" <rick@e...>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 12:14:31 -0400
Subject: RE: GenCon '99 (long) [CLEAN STAMP]

On 8/11/99 6:28 PM, Dean Gundberg wrote:
> In the end, it was down to Rick and Carl, last year's runner up.
> Rick ran the ESU SDN fleet he had all tourney and Carl use the FSE
> Light Carrier fleet.	In the end it was Carl's fighters that won him
> the championship.

The Full Thrust tournament was great fun! Thanks to Dean and Allan
for running it. I lost the final match because I under-estimated my
opponent -- I assumed he didn't know how to maneuver, and he did.
It's a lesson learned for next year...

Tom Pope also did a very good job with his "Recon by Fire" Stargrunt
event -- it inspired me to start painting my Stargrunt figures.

I bought some old figures in the dealer's room, but I didn't spend a lot
this year. The best figures I found were some one-eyed ape-like aliens
(in 25mm scale), and the biggest disappointment was that there weren't
any new GZG figures available. :( (Hey John, was it something we said?
We're really sorry... Can we have some new figures now?)

Other Games:

I played a demo of "VOR", the new minis game from FASA, and the game
mechanics are a lot like Warzone. The game didn't suck, but the primary
attraction will probably be their campaign system, the background fluff,
and the figures. The big mutant figures are very nice, but the human
troopers are nothing special (my plastic Space Rangers look better).

I watched a demo of "Death in the Dark" by RAFM and it looked really
simple (and boring).

I played a demo of "Chronopia Empires" by Target and it seemed kind of
slow and clunky, like it needed more streamlining. There are a lot of
rolls needed to resolve combat & morale checks.

Rick Rutherford

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