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Re: [FT] Vector Silliness

From: Roger Books <books@m...>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 08:01:02 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: [FT] Vector Silliness

On 11-Aug-99 at 19:44, Beth Fulton ( wrote:
> G'day guys,
> OK you knew thsi was coming, but I'm going to say it anyway....
> Option 57 < or whatever you're up to now ;) > leave it alone!!!!! I've
> never felt it was really broken in the first place - to use an old
> argument, who's going to go back and tell all the Fokker pilots they
> do tight right turns, becuase that particular engine quirk wasn't
> in the tech manual? I think the same's true for the push-turn thing.
> Now I have my cathartic raging at windmills out of the way... I do
> I'm pursuing a hopeless cause here so if I were to opt for any change
> the system I'd say make rotations cost one thrust point per facing.
> By the way, am I interpreting this wrong, but isn't "If you have X
> you may rotate (any amount, costing one) and then thrust X-1" going to
> allow the exact same thing you don't like now (or worse)? Or is it
> because you've changed the justifications its OK? And I'm not trying
to be
> a sarcastic b*tch here, I am honestly confused.

The problem, thrust right now is 1-1/2 times what you pay for, really
leveraging faster ships.


I'm, for whatever reason, doing max accel.  I thrust my 6, rotate
180 degrees, and push for 2, thus giving me an acceleration of
8.  Clearly NOT (correct me if I'm wrong) what the designer intended.

It needs to be fixed in FT3.  Two solutions proposed:

1.  A push and thrust may not be separated by a rotate.

    I would consider this a "band-aid".

2.  Do away with pushes as uneccessary, and have rotates come out
    of thrust (After all, they do take time, and if it takes 90
    seconds to rotate to have used 10% of your thrust time rotating.)
    Don't worry about 1/2 of your thrust for turning, if you want
    to sit and spin that's fine with me.  1 thrust for any rotate
    would be fine.  You can rotate as many times as you want would
    be fine also.

    I like this one, it is simpler than the current system, and
    more realistic.  Docking thrusters wouldn't be much more than
    1 meter/sec accel, miniscule in game terms.


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