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Re: [FT] Vector Silliness

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 09:46:00 +1000
Subject: Re: [FT] Vector Silliness

G'day guys,

OK you knew thsi was coming, but I'm going to say it anyway....

Option 57 < or whatever you're up to now ;) > leave it alone!!!!! I've
never felt it was really broken in the first place - to use an old
argument, who's going to go back and tell all the Fokker pilots they
do tight right turns, becuase that particular engine quirk wasn't
in the tech manual? I think the same's true for the push-turn thing.

Now I have my cathartic raging at windmills out of the way... I do
I'm pursuing a hopeless cause here so if I were to opt for any change to
the system I'd say make rotations cost one thrust point per facing.

By the way, am I interpreting this wrong, but isn't "If you have X
you may rotate (any amount, costing one) and then thrust X-1" going to
allow the exact same thing you don't like now (or worse)? Or is it that
because you've changed the justifications its OK? And I'm not trying to
a sarcastic b*tch here, I am honestly confused.



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