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Vector Movement

From: "Thomas Barclay" <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 11:06:33 -0400
Subject: Vector Movement

From: Ryan M Gill <>

On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, Mark Reindl wrote:

> Since vector movement allows a ship with any thrust rating to rotate
to any
> position, it kind of makes trying to get behind it a bit pointless.
Why bother
> trying to get your fleet behind that Komarov SD when it can just
rotate around
> and vaporize you anyway?  At least with cinematic movement, it takes
so long for
> a thrust 2 ship to turn that a higher thrust opponent should be able
to get and
> stay behind him.

Then amend the vector movement rules to requre a thrust point for each
rotational change. A smaller more maneuverable ship should be able to
swivel around much faster than a big dreadnought.

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- - Ryan Montieth Gill
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The problem is the timescale. The average turn is something like 20
minutes. Even a low thrust will let you rotate around (whee!) like a
top in that time frame. Within the granularity of the timescale and
the thrust ratings, 1 point to rotate as much as you want makes sense.

If you play vector, you play vector. If you play cinematic, you play
cinematic. Basically it means you have to be aware of the
risks/character of the system you use. For example, we have found it
very hard for the FSE to make a dent in the NSL in Vector, because
their high thrust is less of an advantage (it still helps, but it is
less of an advantage given the burst radius change for SMs). The
solution I think that will be tried (and probably to good effect) will
be a 4" burst radius for SMs in vector. That should nicely even things
out for the FSE. We sort of proved <with some math> that the coverage
envelope for SMs needs upped a bit in vector or the only thing you'll
ever hit is a thrust 2 ship or luckily a thrust 4. Never a six. Up the
burst radius to 4" and those numbers change to be more in line with
the level of effectiveness you expect from SMs in cinematic.

Basically, in any event, points only go so far. Attrocities can be
committed <A huge SMR ship for example> that defy the points system.
The scenario ref or the players collectively have to have a sense of
the balance of things. And accept that every so often, they'll hooch
it badly... ;)

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