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Re: [DS2][SG2] Robot Dogs

From: "Eli Arndt" <emu2020@h...>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 10:14:58 PDT
Subject: Re: [DS2][SG2] Robot Dogs

I used to play with those rules all the time.  They slowed down play a
at first, but they were quite good at simulating the different levels of

programming.  We once did away with al lthe limitations they suggest and

came up with seven page programs that would do everythign from
prioritize by 
race to determine threat level/priority by weapon.


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>Subject: Re: [DS2][SG2] Robot Dogs
>Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 09:08:01 +0100
>One of the best set of rules I saw for robots on a battlefield were
>published in White Dwarf many years ago.
>I recently saw them used in a short tabletop game to great effect.
>The main premise is that you program your robot with a series of 
>in the form of a flowchart.  The simplest sentry program being 'fire at
>closest enemy' - which may well fire at the man hiding behind a wall
>trooper behind him carefully aims with the rocket launcher :)
>If you're interested in this kind of thing, there is a game that pits
>robots (created using your favourite language) against each other in an

>Colin Plummer
>Planet Online, Leeds
>Quoting Brian Burger (Mon, Aug 09, 1999 at 01:46:04PM -0700)
> >
> > Not dogs, but for robot/automated gun house rules, check out the SG2
> > section of my webpage. (see sig for URL)
> >
> > I've got rules for Aliens-style fixed 'sentry' guns, and the related
> > mobile gun platforms - the computer game XCom's 'Heavy Weapon 
> > They're all treated as 'Semi-Autonomous Combat Systems" (or SACS).
> > 'auto-fire' mode, they engage the nearest eligible enemy target at
> > of the round - eligibility is determined by weapon type mounted.
> >
> > SACS can also be datalinked to a firing squad or vehicle. They are
> > activiated by the firing squad, and simply add their firepower die
> > squad's fire.
> >
> > SACS can also be activated on their own, just as with any squad or
> > vehicle. Check the rules out - they work well, I think. (They
> > well, anyway.)
> >
> > Haven't done FMA mods for the SACS yet - I'll have to once the
> > rules for FMA are finalized. The activation rules (which are the 
> > part) should port over no problem.
> >
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> >		       - -
> > -SciFi & Fantasy Wargaming House Rules, Photos, GWAutobasher, &
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