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[FT] Islamic Federation ships

From: Laserlight <laserlight@c...>
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 1999 15:26:32 -0400
Subject: [FT] Islamic Federation ships

Here's the link to the designs for the Islamic Federation Navy.  If you
don't like framed sites, delete "fullthrust" and insert "ifnavy" in the

My second live, non-solo game took place last night.  I took two Sabers
and two Qaws missile cruisers.	My opponent brought on two Maria von
BB's, an Ehrenhold FF and a Waldburg DD.  We started on opposing courses
120MU (this was on the big table at Campaign Headquarters).

Ron's ships chugged forward, headed down the center of the table.  I
sent my
two Qaws ships to the left, my two Sabers to the right, using pushed
maintaining my original facing.  After about four turns, he turned to
starboard to intercept my missile ships.  His initial shots at extreme
range did considerable damage to one Qaws, but her fire controls and
missiles remained on line.
  Next turn, I launched all 6 SMRs from the damaged missile cruiser--my
other one wasn't close enough--and all six salvos landed on one von
Excellent point defense shooting combined with	inferior seeker heads
that the wave of missiles did less damage than I expected, but it still
the battleship through three thresholds and knocked out almost all
only one Beam 3 and a fire control remaining active.  He realized that
Qaws had shot its bolt and concentrated what fire he could muster on the
other one, again doing considerable damage.  My Sabers, meanwhile,
shots with the NSL escorts, savaging the Ehrenhold at the cost of losing
about half their armor.
  My second Qaws was now in range, and launched all its SMR's at the
undamaged NSL battleship.  The enemy point defenses were helpless and
ship was obliterated, taking 81 points of damage on 10 armor and 36
The surviving von Burgund attempted to avenge the loss, but her single
Beam-3 was unable to get a clean hit on her target.  The Sabers,
had passed the enemy formation and were thrusting back to get into
for a stern rake, but were not quite in range.
  The NSL formation swung around to face the Sabers.  The IF missile
cruisers, now effectively harmless with their missile racks empty, broke
contact.  Beam fire stripped off the rest of the armor from one Islamic
and return fire further weakened the NSL battleship.  The NSL commodore,
recognizing the gravity of the situation, ordered the Waldburg to break
and FTL out.  As the Islamic cruisers closed to board the stricken
battleship, the NSL crews took to their lifeboats and the Ehrenhold and
Maria von Burgund scuttled.

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