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Re: Combat Movement

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 1999 12:52:06 -0700
Subject: Re: Combat Movement

djwj wrote:

> Let us look at "Combat Move" from the perspective of the other side.
You are
> walking quietly through a dense jungle looking for someone who is also
> trying to be stealthy. Every rustle of the leaves and someone from
> squad spins to look, weapon at the ready. You are watching the trees,
> ground, even the sky for even the slightest sign of your opposition.
> Suddenly they break cover no more than thirty meters to your right.
> S. hasn't even finished saying the "O" in "Open Fire!" before assault
> rip into the surrounding foiliage...
> One hundred meters away another squad hears the chatter of machine
guns and
> moves out...

Well I guess I don't see normal movement as being necessarily stealthy
Troops are not by nature stealthy in their movement. They are not
overtly noisy
but nor are they deliberately stealthy in normal movement. Properly
deliberate stealthy movemnt is a conscious, tiresome and slow act, you
keep it up all day long no matter how hard you try.  Now if there was a
to have stealthy movement in FMA, (Say there was hidden movement of
referred GM
type of double blind game), then that would be an _excellent_ candidate
for a
movement type. Something like the employment of stealthy movement
detection attempts by shifting down one die type, but it also shifts
movement range down one die type also.



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