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SGII: Battle Report

From: "Buddy Chamberlain" <buddy@m...>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 10:00:21 -0400
Subject: SGII: Battle Report

I've not seen a whole lot of battle reports on this list, but I enjoy my
rare chances to play SGII so much that I thought I'd share this past
weekend's game.  Now, my opponent was my kid brother, Fred (age 12), and
he'd never played before, but even though he was frequntly distracted
on, he caught on to the game very quickly.  So far, everyone I've played
SGII with has totally caught onto the game about half way through the
game, so it's a good sign that this game *is* easy to learn.  (Even with
someone as scatterbrained as me teaching)  Anyway, on with the report...

Setting:  The battleground was a thoroughly bombarded outpost on the
frontier of the Commonwealth. (this all takes place in a setting I'm
currently ctreating in my spare time)  Fred controlled the remaining
inhabitants of the outpost, which consisted of:

two 4-man units of dissidents (Star Wars Micro Machine Gunguns; no
various weaponry equivalent of Advanced Assault Rifle),

a 3-man unit of Serdaran troopers (GZG Jap Mercs; partial armour,
assault rifle),

and a commander (GW Dark Angel Standard Bearer; combat suit, flamegun).

I controlled the Commonwealth "peacekeeping force", consisting of:

a unit of 7 Commonwealth troopers (GZG New Israelis; combat suit, gauze
rifle, two armed with gauze SAWs),

and a unit of 4 BattleCyborgs (GW Terminators; Slow Powered Armour,
assault rifle with GL, one with rotary SAW).

Fred's forces stared on the bulwarks of the outpost gates and in control
a bunker (with an anti-tank plasma gun) that was about a foot within the
city gates.  I started about two and a hald to three feet from the gates
the plain open.  (actually, as the battlefield was our upstair hallway,
troops started in the bathroom doorway, which provided some cover, but
that extreme range, it didn't matter)

Battle:  Fred's dissidents(Gunguns) held the bulwaks above the city
gates as
both of my units rushed forward.  His Serdaran unit was inside the
and his commander started about 5 feet or so deeper within the city.  (I
didn't ask, it's where he wanted him.  The commander spent the entire
simply running from building to building anyway.)  As I rushed the gates
trades shots with him, but no one scored any major hits.  he suppressed
troops a couple times, but since he had hard cover, I did little to him,
after the fist two turns, I concentrated on making it to the wall. 
While I
knew I was ina	bad position, the superiority of my troops convinced me
once I made it to the wall, victory would be no problem.

    When my units were about a foot or less away from the wall, The
dissidents fled the bulwarks and ran somewhat haphazardly (rolling ones
twos on combat runs is not fun) towards the bunker and a second
wall.  My troops are hesitant to run through the gates and into the
firepower of that anti-tank gun.  Instead, my Commonwath troops head
a smaller door further down the wall, while my BattleCyborgs climb up to
bulwark (which has difensive walls facing both directions) and begin to
trade fire with the AT gun.  My troopers make it through the door and
the ruins of a storage building, trading a few shots with the retreating
dissidents as they enter the bunker.

    Then things took a turn for the bad...  a bad roll on my part caused
dissidents firing from the bunker to hit my BattleCyborgs, and the
damage rolls left the unit leader dead and the other three as wounded. 
their confidence level droped by two, leaving them Shaken.

    My troopers meanwhile disabled the AT gun, and since the bunker had
gun ports facing my current position, the inhabitants of the bunker
began to
flee to the second defensive wall, but not before a second round of
finished off two more BattleCyborgs.  This gave me enough of a range
difference for my troopers to run to the bulwarks and attempt to heal
last remaining BattleCyborg (which happened to be the one with the SAW,
I was hoping to roll that "6").  Well, I rolled a "2", and he died, and
my troops ran back to the ruined storage building.  This put both of us
at a
range die of d12 with the hard cover, but since I had slightly better
weapons, I figured I could hold out.

    We traded a couple rounds of firing, and he hit, managing to kill
about half my unit (4 men, including the leader, but I managed to hold
confidence!)  Then Fred did somethign totally unexpected.  All three
that were at the wall ran out and charged towards my position.	When he
reached me (my one chance at shooting before he got within range for
Combat totally missed), he initiated close combat (with his unit of
Serdarans), but botched the combat move roll, and then I got reaction
supressing his troops.	His second unit (dissidents) to attempt close
succeeded, however, and it was quick and bloody, just as the rules
The first round went to me, but his men stood their ground, and it ended
with three hits against him, and three hits against me (meaning he had
man left standing).  We rolled out the results of the hits, and all
three of
his men were merely stunned, while one of mine died, and the other two
wounded, and taken prisoner.  From there, they were dragged to the
and submitted to the flamegun.	:o)

    So in the end, the Serdaran-incited rebels held their position, and
Commonwealth strike team failed to report back to HQ, forcing their
commanders to have no other option but to nuke the outpost.  (besides,
folks wouldn't let me keep my terrain in the hallway any longer)

    Well, hope you enjoyed that.  I know I sure had fun!  :o)

God bless,
- Buddy

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