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Re: Combat Walkers

From: "Eli Arndt" <emu2020@h...>
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 17:37:41 PDT
Subject: Re: Combat Walkers

At 1/60 or 1/100 that makes those mecha pretty tall doesn't it?  What
class walker do you use them as?  I liek the idea of inserting them from

above.	I've doen that with my Infantry Walkers and the same thing
especially considering the quality of their stats.

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>Subject: Combat Walkers
>Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 09:27:05 +1000
>Eli wrote:
>Having started this particular line I have been following it and
>that the concept of Combat Walkers seems more popular with DS2 players
>Stargrunt.  I'm curious as to why this is.
> >>>>>
>I do play with walkers. Japanese plastic kits are perfect for SGII.
>I use some from my favouite show Patlabor, mainly the Helldiver AV97
>the SEE Broken.
>One of the nice tricks I use is to Orbitlly insert the labors (as in
>show they where airborne mecha), which usually causes the other side to
>panic shoot them, allowing better survivability of other troops.
>Other good mecha roughly to scale (about 1/100 or 1/60 as the Patlabor
>stuff is) is Macross (Robotech), Gundam and Evangelon.
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