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Combat Walkers

From: dadams@p...
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 09:27:05 +1000
Subject: Combat Walkers

Eli wrote:

Having started this particular line I have been following it and noticed
that the concept of Combat Walkers seems more popular with DS2 players
Stargrunt.  I'm curious as to why this is.


I do play with walkers. Japanese plastic kits are perfect for SGII.

I use some from my favouite show Patlabor, mainly the Helldiver AV97 and
the SEE Broken.

One of the nice tricks I use is to Orbitlly insert the labors (as in the
show they where airborne mecha), which usually causes the other side to
panic shoot them, allowing better survivability of other troops.

Other good mecha roughly to scale (about 1/100 or 1/60 as the Patlabor
stuff is) is Macross (Robotech), Gundam and Evangelon.

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