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Re: [GZG] [HIST] Military Hackers

From: agoodall@s... (Allan Goodall)
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 22:51:03 GMT
Subject: Re: [GZG] [HIST] Military Hackers

On Sun, 25 Oct 1998 14:44:28 -0500, Adrian Johnson

>There's scope here for great mischief at all levels...  Sure you can
>with the other guy's economy (didn't Tom Clancy do that in his last big
>epic in the "Jack Ryan becomes President and Saves the World" series?? 
>was the Japanese nuking the US economy by wiping out Wall St. trading

Yes, he did. Unfortunately Clancy doesn't know as much about computer
or international stock trading as he really should for a book like this.
completely gaffed the computer end of it. In short, it wouldn't have

Then there's the absolutely ridiculous ending that had me in stitches. I
Rainbox Six is better (I'm having fun with the computer game). Maybe
finally been forced to take on an editor...

>On a level more applicable to our gaming stuff, picture
>special operations troops trained to attack and take over an enemy
>communications/data nexus.  They break in, crack into the data systems
>dump in viruses, etc etc etc.	I figure that in the future dedicated
>military data communication systems will have to be (as much as
>seperated from civilian networks.  

I disagree, for the same reason that military ground transportation
separate from civilian ground transportation. What is obvious is that
you can
cripple a nation without even TOUCHING it's military data communications
systems. Collapse the US economy, and it won't matter how good the
is. If the hackers are terrorists in a nation that does not condone the
activity, there isn't much you can do militarily anyway.

No, I think in the future a general hardening of the infrastructure will
needed. Unfortunately, governments have to realize for this to happen
companies and individuals need strong crypto. I fear it will take a
failure on
a massive scale for this to become obvious...

>I could see a "commando" type unit raiding one of these commo points to
>break into their network.  It would make an interesting scenario in a
>campaign game, at the very least.  If you succeed in getting your
>"specialists" into a comms bunker, the enemy force suffers in the next
>couple of games from poor command-and-control - all kinds of game
>you could use...

Hmmm. I see this as too easy to cut off. If I knew my comms bunker was
to fall, I'd just cut that node off the network. Stop taking anything
from it.
I suspect that this would be a small, special forces operation (or an
intelligence op) ala Cyberpunk-like activities. I don't see this being
overt militarty operation on the scale used in SG2.

I personally think that Infowar will be so different from conventional
as to be impossible to game with current miniatures rules.

Allan Goodall

"We come into the world and take our chances
 Fate is just the weight of circumstances
 That's the way that Lady Luck dances
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