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RE: [GZG] [HIST] Military Hackers

From: Adrian Johnson <ajohnson@i...>
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 14:44:28 -0500
Subject: RE: [GZG] [HIST] Military Hackers

There's scope here for great mischief at all levels...	Sure you can
with the other guy's economy (didn't Tom Clancy do that in his last big
epic in the "Jack Ryan becomes President and Saves the World" series?? 
was the Japanese nuking the US economy by wiping out Wall St. trading
records...).  On a level more applicable to our gaming stuff, picture
special operations troops trained to attack and take over an enemy
communications/data nexus.  They break in, crack into the data systems
dump in viruses, etc etc etc.  I figure that in the future dedicated
military data communication systems will have to be (as much as
seperated from civilian networks.  OK, now they use the Internet just
everybody else, which is actually quite difficult to bring down given
dispursed it is, but think about the landline artillery control systems
Iraqi's had in the Gulf War.  They knew they'd be jammed, so they used
physical landlines for communications and had a network set up all over
place.	Sure, they still used radios and got jammed, and when the allies
started bombing and took out commo centres, they resorted to motorcycle
dispatch riders (hard to jam a guy on a bike carrying a piece of
just hope he doesn't fall into a ditch) - but still...	The pesky SCUD
missiles that we couldn't find were controlled this way.  Too bad (for
them, not for us) that the front line divisions had no secure
communications with their HQ's...

I could see a "commando" type unit raiding one of these commo points to
break into their network.  It would make an interesting scenario in a
campaign game, at the very least.  If you succeed in getting your
"specialists" into a comms bunker, the enemy force suffers in the next
couple of games from poor command-and-control - all kinds of game
you could use...

At 01:39 PM 10/25/98 +1000, you wrote:
>Information Warfare. A whole new ball game.
>The US is big into this now and most other countries are following now.
>Don't be beguiled into the narrow view of Cyber Punk style hackers
>There is a whole field of exploitable vulnerabilities in a nations
>warfighting capabilities!
>Psyops as well as intelligence collection and counter-intelligence
>are real virgin territory here. In the scheme of things the playing
>with leave, pay and such are penny-ante. Think big and kill the

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