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Re: ADLER TAG AAR - Soundtrack (OT)

From: "Buji Kern" <mrbuji@w...>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 23:08:10 -0700
Subject: Re: ADLER TAG AAR - Soundtrack (OT)

>This might be a private email reply type of thing, but could you
educate me
regarding The Crystal Method? Sounds intriguing.

Hmm...what can I say. TCM is a techno group out of Las Vegas. They have
album out, 'Vegas'. The song I mentioned has repeated samples of someone
saying "I can see the Earth now" and "this is tranismission is coming to
you...". I assume these are NASA samples because the liner notes say
'special thanks to so-and-so (can't remember the name) at NASA'. Oh, I
Have you seen the Gap 'Khakis Rock' commercial? The one with
and rollerbladers? The music in the background is TCM.

A lot of the songs have kind of a 'sci-fi' feel to them to me.

>The Imperial March. Not cliche; it's classic...frankly, all of the ST
battle music would fit (naturally.) A bit genre specific, however.


>So long as we're voting for soundtrack cuts: most, if not all of Conan
(Basil Pouleadouris again), and selected bits from Fifth Element and
Stargate would work. Add the orchestral bits from Macross Plus (great
fighter combat music) and the opening theme to Terminator as kickoff
There are some orchestral cuts from the 3 Escaflowne soundtracks that
great battle music (brooding, driving music, with strong male chorus
chanting in the background.) Mononoke Hime St also has some great
tension-building cuts. A touch of Lodoss here and there to round things

Hm, I don't know any of these.

>For long, drawn out slugfests: Le Marche Slav by Taichovsky... and 1812
Overture too. Kinda weak on classical otherwise. Vivaldi just doesn't
to fit.

Ohyeah. I've played the first violin part to Marche Slave. Pretty
hard. Also, Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner...specially for the NSL :)


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