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Re: ADLER TAG AAR - Soundtrack (OT)

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 18:41:55 -0400
Subject: Re: ADLER TAG AAR - Soundtrack (OT)

Jim 'Jiji' Foster wrote:

> >(14,800 pts). Absolutely massive. We had burned two special space
> >music cds which were playing in the background.
> May I ask what the playlist for these CDs was?

1. Holst: Mars the Bringer of War.
2. First track off the Battlezone CD
<Note: Tacks one and two are very much the "apporach of rival fleets
from deep space" type of stuff.>
3. B5 battle tune "Messages from Earth" by Christopher Franke (very
long..10 mins)
< a perfect companioin for the figher strike. Starts off slow then has
very frenzied moments>
4-6. 3 tunes from the Mechwarrior soundtrack (trk 8,10,12)
7. B5 season three opening. <with the sahdow war>
8-9. 2 tunes from the Hunt for Red October soundtrack (by Basil
Pouladoris) Ccan't find the names but one is where they
are evading the torpedo by the badger the otehr is when Ryan gets dunped
onto the Dallas by a chopper.
10. The Main title from Das Boot. <Oddly this was playing as teh Kohl
emerged from Claok and let fly with its missles.>
11.-12. Two awesome tunes off the shattered steel sound track. <Very
much in keeping with the hottest moments of the main
fleet action.
13. B5 season four intro <War against Clark>
14. Another tune from tehawesome Battlezone game (trk 10). The music
alone is well worth the price of the cd. (The games
awesome too) Has a very SLow moving "Russian" feeling to it.
15. Yes another Battlezone tune (My favorite trk 11. <starts off with
great drums. When I hear this I think of the drop
ship bay doors opening as the assault transport is orbiting the target
planet. Very much "H-minus".
16. Carl Orff: carmina Burana, the last track. <Very much finishing
upteh battle in a crescendo of destruction and victory
type of thing>
17-18 Star ship troopers track one and two. This is the stuff played at
the beginning of the movie during the commercial
for FED service and then the cut to the drop of the MI on Klendathu.
Despite the movie, its another Basil Pouladoris
masterpeice. I ha dthis on here becaus eafter sweeping the space off
Kra'Vak, its time to land on the planet.


This is mostly the soundtrack to Battle Beyond the Stars. A cheesy sci
fi movie with a  great soundtrack (I think it was
Hal Norman) who also wrote the music for "Star Trek II The Wrath of
Kahn". The second half of the CD is half briefing and
combat music from the game Descent:Freespace and half music form the
seventies UK tv show, UFO and the main title from the
UK show, The Thunderbirds.

Some day if I have enough space I'll upload them as MP3s to one of my
secret sites


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