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RE: (OT) Rules "inspiration" (was [OT] Bring and Battle

From: "Glover, Owen" <oglover@m...>
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 11:18:11 +1000
Subject: RE: (OT) Rules "inspiration" (was [OT] Bring and Battle

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From: Thomas Barclay []
Subject: Re: (OT) Rules "inspiration" (was [OT] Bring and Battle

>Not so much as in other games. In many other wargames, my normal move 
>is X and my charge or run move is 150% of X. In SG2, your combat move 
>is dX x 2. That means, if you suck and roll a 1, you go very little 
>distance. So premeasurement for movement is hard. Now, for fire (with 
>range bands being deterministic), it would make a difference. 

Have to agree there. 

What I object to in the pre-measuring is when a player, for example,
moves a
Regular squad to within say 19 inches of an opponents Green squad
that his Regulars are within 3 Range Bands and knowing that his
are at 4 Range bands. If in hard cover then he is unable to be fired
upon by
the Greens. This is different to staying out of a weapons range as in FT
DS as the player is, in this case positioning, his squad based on the
knowledge of the opposition squad Quality. This is an "intangible" that
only revealed on the table; troops on the ground would not be able to
rationalise and say "Oh, these guys can only fire with reasonable effect
200m so if sit here at 210m my fire will be more accurate!!".

Grumble grumble,

Owen G

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