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Final Transmission & PBeM results

From: Brendan <denian@s...>
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 1998 09:29:20 -0700
Subject: Final Transmission & PBeM results

As I start a new job on Monday, I'll be off the list & unable to annoy,
flame, correct or expansively expel hot gasses at anyone for a few weeks
(or months, don't know which yet).

Before I go though, here is the final results of the Random Strategies
PBeM game (haven't had time to update the turn 6 & 7 results).

Early in the game, the Narn Dreadnought, G'Quaneth, was sliced in half
from stem to stern by a well-aimed beam shot from the Shadow Battlecrab,
Ei'Do'Lon.  At the same time, the shadowcrab Z'Kas'H was killed by
concentrated beam fire from the Republican Battlecruiser, Past Glories.
Ei'Do'Lon was eventual killed by EAS Harpy, who had not effectively
fired before this time.  EAS B.Morant was then assaulted by 4 shadow
fighter groups in retaliation, exploding in a ball of fire as the
reactor detonated.  Admittedly, the poor placement of Narn E-mines 3
turns earlier didn't help, nor did a direct hit on Whitestar#17 by
another wayward E-mine targetted at an out of range Ei'Do'Lon.

Best ship was Past Glories, as it singlehandedly engaged 5 enemy vessels
& survived with only 1 threshold of damage after Valesh (the Centauri
escort) defected to the shadows & started firing upon EA vessels.

Full results of what is up is available from:

'Neath Southern Skies
signing off....

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