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RE: 20mm Figures for SGII (was Figure's Personal Equipment)

From: Noah Doyle <nvdoyle@m...>
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 23:53:09 -0500
Subject: RE: 20mm Figures for SGII (was Figure's Personal Equipment)

I feel the need to add my $0.02, like any good 'netizen'...

For me, 25mm (true) is the way to go.  I find it very versatile - I can
squad actions, like SG2, and skirmish, like FMA.  I like the level of 
detail & personality I find in well sculpted 25mm.  GZG fits this bill
well.  I don't find the battlefield crowded - but I like dense terrain, 

A few other reasons - we're delving way into the level of personal 
preference here, so beware of rants...

I only have so much money to go around.  There's a lot of scales out
 I pick a few, & stick with 'em.  Capital Ship (FT), 6mm (DS2) & 25mm
(SG2).	Why 25mm as opposed to 15 or 20?  I just don't see it out there.

 If I look for sci-fi minis, I find the following: GW & GZG.  Both 25mm.

 Both have provided HUGE selections for their 25mm line.  I've been to 
every major (& probably minor) game store in Indiana, and I just don't
the other scales out there.  If I want 25mm or 6mm buildings, they're
to find.  Vehicles?  Same.

This, of course, may be due to the fact that Indiana has a pretty low 
population compared to other locales & the absolute predominance of GW 
(slowly challenged by GZG), 'cause we Hoosiers laakh our powurgamin' 
simpul.  Many other reasons are possible.  But even when I look at 
mail-order catalogs, I still see that the vast preponderance of sci-fi 
minis are in 25mm - namely, GZG.  Why leave a good thing?

I'd love to see more 25mm WW1/WW2 , Vietnam & modern minis.  They'd be 
great with SG2.  But GZG has, for me, become the reason to stick with
minis - through very high craftsmanship, quality & selection.


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I agree with you on the versitility of 20mm for SGII. In addition to GZG
figures, I also have a ton of Blade miniatures 20mm figures and
These (IMO) are very nice figures. Does anyone else use them ? I mix
20mm historical/"modern" types from Combat Miniatures (Arab-Israeli,
Falklands, Soviets, Afgans) and SHQ (Vietnam, Gulf War). The "modern"
make good militia and para-military types and "lower-tech" regulars to
"high-tech" blade miniatures. All of my 20mm terrain buildings and
fortifications for  my WWII stuff are useful as well. There is a lot to
said for 20mm.....

Any thoughts on the subject ?


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