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Re: Figure's Personal Equipment

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Fri, 02 Oct 1998 10:53:13 -0700
Subject: Re: Figure's Personal Equipment

Stuart Murray wrote:

> Just to chime in here, this is one of my favourite soapbox topics...

> Games Workshop.  Now we may all deplore thier marketting tactics but I
> think thier new Guards (in particular) the Caidian (sp?) ones look
> more
> like sci-fi troops, they have what looks to be a reasonable belt load,
> if

Yes if only they were 25mm!

> only they didn't dwarf everybody else's figure range.  OK, so where am
> I
> going with this rant, first I'd like to repeat my (regular) call to
> Jon for
> more belt order/marching order figs plus REcon/LURP/Pathfinder types
> with
> rucks/bergens and kit.  And secondly I'd actually like to suggest an
> alternative,	I have recently been shopping around 20mm WWII figs and
> I was
> stunned, the quality of many manufacturers completely blows away most
> 25/28mm manufaturers (GZG included), PLUS, the figs ALL have a
> realistic
> amount of kit.  In particular worth looking at for use in sci-fi are
> late
> war German SS Panzergrenadiers with assault rifles, thier smocks,
> helmets
> and weapons don't look out of place when comaperd with  modern/near
> future
> figs and with a bit of careful shopping around moutain troops and
> others
> equiped with rucksacks can be found.	I think one other advantage of
> the
> 20mm figs may be the problem of crowded table that can occur with
> 25/28
> (more especially the latter) platoons.  I have seen games with a
> couple of
> platoons of 20mm figs plus 20mm AFVs on a 6x4 table and they do not
> look
> too squashed in.  And remember, 20mm (ish) buildings are easily
> available
> in model railway stores !

I pretty much agree with all of your comments. Would like to see more
kit. Are people not going to be drinking water or eating rations in the
future?  Or maybe each magazine holds  1500 rounds of caseless 4mm? I
like 20mm as I believe in more "personal space" on my battlefields. (I
have a company of Fallschirmjager in 20mm). But Does anyone make 20mm
SCi Fi troops?


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