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RE: [SG] Rules for aliens (XCOM)

From: Niall Gilsenan <ngilsena@i...>
Date: Fri, 02 Oct 1998 14:18:54 +0100
Subject: RE: [SG] Rules for aliens (XCOM)

At 10:00 02/10/98 +0100, you wrote:
>>Apologies I understand - that gleam in your eye...
>>Never played it enough to find these bugs. Didn't they patch it?
>(rolls eyes) /several/ times. And it still wasn't 100% bug free.

Very playable all the same.  They took the copy protection off with the
patch so both Ufo and TFTD travel around with me on zipdisk.  Amazing
quality of some of these older games compared to more multimedia based
stuff these days.

>>Have you played terror from the deep and apocalypse?
>Played Terror From The Deep. Basically it was done by a third party,
>original coders of XCOM/Ufo having moved onto other things. And it was
>pants. All they did was change the graphics and muck about with a few
>things, generally always to the detriment of game balance. For an
>In UFO you started with a weapon that had a 24 (was it?) round clip,
>accuracy and could auto fire and it was still hard at the beginning.
>starting weapon in TFTD had a 12 shot clip, no accuracy and couldn't
>autofire. Oh dear.

TFTD was essentially the same game but made harder and based on
warfare.  You used harpoons  at the start of the game against the aliens
and later on sonic cannons.

>My PC wasn't (still isn't) up to Apocalypse. Plus RT strategy games
>my thing. I want a strategy game that taxes my mind, not my mouse

Apocalypse could be played turn based but playing it in real time was
better in many ways.  Waching the bullets fly and your units dodge while
you dealt with the overall situation rather than micromanaging

There is a new game coming out called Jagged Alliance 2 which is similar
Xcom in style except that your teams are mercenaries trying to foment a
counter-revoloution in a small country.  Its exclusively turn based.
Very good from what I've seen of it.

>>(sorry going OT here). If you were doing an SG2 TBS (Turn Based
>>it would be a good starting point. RTS (Real Timne Strategy) has
>>taken over from the old TBS games.
>I know. It's sad. But I still do 4 man fireteam games in SG much better
>having played UFO..

Where could you get little gray figures with those oversized guns for
aSG2/XCOM game?
That could be very entertaining.  

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