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RE: GZG FH: Blue water navy.

From: Noah Doyle <nvdoyle@m...>
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 21:03:44 -0500
Subject: RE: GZG FH: Blue water navy.

And if you've got solid state antigrav, you don't need a silly old 

The GZG universe seems pretty clear - stuff moves in & out of gravity
by way of shuttles (small, medium, large & that shouldn't be flying), 
powered by similar drives as spacecraft, with some sort of gravitics to 
make it real easy (contragrav, a la Traveller - screens grav pull of 

Anyway, a beanstalk just screams 'Bomb Me To Make A Political Point'. 
all for disposable/recyclable BDBs (Big Dumb Boosters).  The Saturn V
put 50 tonnes (metric) on Luna - think how much it could put into LEO...


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On 30 Sep 98, at 15:10, wrote:

> i suppose so. i would also add a mention of the Ekranoplan. 
> also known as the wing-in-ground effect (WIG) aircraft, is a type of
> aircraft which flies at a few metres altitude, exploiting the ground
> effect to be much more efficient. the technology was developed by the
> soviets in the cold war, and is now being commercialised by us-russian

> german-japanese joint ventures. the speed of a plane with the
> of a boat.</lecture>

<counterlecture> ;)
Not much good as a reliable method for crossing oceans that are
prone to having heavy sea conditions, moderate to large waves
prevent the use of Ekranoplans. Good for inland seas and other
large calm bodies of water, perhaps featureless flat plains too.

> > Beanstalks too. Cheapest ground to orbit cargo transport.
> yes, but not too good for moving stuff across the surface. not unless 
> a non-synchronous skyhook, but even then your options are limited.

Beanstalks are a waaaaaaaay major engineering task, and very
demanding of materials technology, 20,000+ km long stalk with
enough strength to perform the task. Not cheap to build either.
"Hey.. it costs a dollar a ton in fuel to pull things up it... but it
a googledollar to build it." ;) Not too great if someone blows it in
half. Half floats away, the other half falls on you.
Then again, perhaps you could use solid state antigrav to support

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