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Re: Solitaire Full Thrust and old SFB

From: John Leary <realjtl@s...>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 21:20:49 -0800
Subject: Re: Solitaire Full Thrust and old SFB

Mark Donelan wrote:
>	  I have noticed a lot of hostility towards SFB on this list.  I
used to play SFB and enjoyed it. The game wasn't for everyone but it was
fun if you took it in the right spirit.  I play Full Thrust now almost
exclusively but not as a choice to replace SFB. I just don't have time
for games that take that long anymore.
>	  One of the things that SFB was OK at but I haven't seen easily
implemented in Full Thrust is solitaire games. In SFB there were some
special scenarios designed for only one player and certain of the two
player scenarios like base asults were reasonably suited to solitaire
>	  Does anyone have some ides for a full thrust soltaire game?
>	  Some ideas that cometo mind are simplified rules for an
automatic player, or a simple automated base.
>	  I think I will re-lurk and not comment about Gamer Girls, I
personally have almost never met one in 15 years or gaming ...
>				  Mark Donelan

     It is not hostility, it is repressed frustration.
It is to many rule changes, and to many 'NEW racial weapons.
It is pseudo-fighters, and 'Tomcats' in space.	 

Entering EGO mode:
     By the way, I have my own personal rule in SFB.   One day
(in a campaign, as Klingon) I decided to capture all the fighters
at Komania.   I took 4 D6 and 2 D7 cruisers cranked the ECM up to 6
and flew thru the 250 fighters (they could not get a lock to fire due
to the ECM) and dropped rear shields on the way out and beamed the 
pilots onto my ships.	The security details were assigned to target
practice in the transporter rooms, oops!   After a few passes I just
picked up the empty fighters (with a tractor) and flew away.   I had
a lot of fun!	Thus came the rule that a crewman cannot be beamed
off a ship unless he wishes it. (personal screen)

Bye for now,
John L.

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